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#1 Cross Platform Cloud Backup Solution

Cloud backup makes management and restoration of data easy. Backed up files can be found by just few clicks.

CloudMBS Backup is an online backup Cloud Solution. The software is integrated with 3rd-party cloud storage providers and supports data backup and restore for Windows (desktop and servers), macOS and Linux. Additionally, it offers support for Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, VMware, Hyper-V, Office 365 and G Suite (Google Apps).
Cloudmbs  Managed Backup is a SaaS solution and is designed to help manage backup and recovery across multiple computers or servers.


Cloud Backup guarantees that your backups are:

  • Secured and encrypted

  • Scalable

  • Fast and efficient


Cloud Backup protects data at every stage of the cloud backup transaction

  • AES 256-bit source side encryption

       ​Strong local encryption protects your data from unauthorized access

       with up to 256-bit strong keys even before it is transmitted to the


  • SSL encryption on transit

​       Any data sent to the cloud is automatically encrypted using the

       hardened SSL protocols which eliminate the possibility of an outsider

       gaining access to it. 

  • Server-side encryption

​       All data can be optionally encrypted at rest in the data center.

Cloud Backup is a seamless and secure backup solution for your Windows Server environment:

  • File Level Backup and Recovery

      Choose individual files and folders to backup.

  • System State Backup and Bare Metal Recovery

​       Restore original Windows Server configuration or rebuild the entire

       system from the ground up.

  • SQL Server and MS Exchange Backup

​       Backup MS SQL Server databases as well as the MS Exchange



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