Database Management Package

Comprehensive Database Management Services


User Administration

  • Create users with appropriate privileges at the customer's request

  • Drop users (schemas) and its contents at the customer's request

  • Reset user (schema) passwords

  • Modify user profile settings

  • Model new users after the existing users

Security Administration

  • Grant/Revoke roles to/from users

  • Grant/Revoke system privileges to/from users

  • Grant/Revoke table privileges to/from users

  • Create public and private synonyms as needed


  • Provide incident retrospectives

  • Recommendations for architecture

  • Improvements Availability issues in production


  • Database backup issues

  • Performance tuning and diagnostics

Customized maintenance plans

  • Provide maintenance plans for server migration

  • Provide maintenance plans database upgrades

  • Provide maintenance plans for database file reconfiguration

Point-in-time recovery

  • Perform database point-in-time recovery for disaster recovery

  • Perform directed restore for disaster recovery scenarios

  • Duplicate complete database to fix production table data

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