O365 Management Services


Technofast O365 Governance approach contains rich set of governance policies, guidelines which can be leveraged for effective O365 governance policy

Backup & Recovery

  • Analysis, Comparison, recommendation and support for 3rd party backup tools.

  • Analysis and recommendations on O365 inbuilt functionalities to avoid data loss.

  • O365 Governance for governance policies, Retention policies & Archiving policies


  • O365 service health dashboard monitoring

  • Technofast Monitoring Tool for alert-based monitoring.


  • O365 Activity and usage reports for high level usage of O365.

  • Analysis, comparison, recommendations and support for 3rd party reporting tools Exchange

Active Sync Issues

  • Monitoring of underlying problems through O365 Monitoring Tool.

  • Advance issue identification & reporting with insight into issues using O365 Reporting Manager (Manage Engine)


  • O365 Governance for quota management, archiving policies.

  • Maintenance and operational task scheduling

Data Loss Protection

  • O365 DLP policies to track and protect sensitive information from falling into wrong hands

Active Directory

  • User on boarding and off boarding

  • Technofast support can be leveraged for on boarding or off boarding of an employee Teams


Call Quality

  • Analysis of the network bandwidth, Teams features and devices

Outlook Integration & Feature Questions

  • Technofast support can be leveraged through support tickets for common issues and solutions

One Drive

  • Sync failures due to storage and Certain files do not sync

  • Technofast support can be leveraged through support tickets for common issues and solutions


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