Digital Security System

Security Management Package

Comprehensive IT Security Services Proactive Security Measures – Identify Threats, Mitigate Risks


Rules and Signature Update

Change Management

Problem Management

Incident Management

Configuration Management

Policy Management

Vulnerability Management

Complete visibility into your IT systems’ vulnerabilities. how you can fix them, and to ensure compliance with standards through its Vulnerability Management Services engagement. Our simple methodology is as follows:

Vulnerability Management

Asset categorization assistance

Assist finalization based on asset category and business critically provided by customer integrate with SIEM solution

SIEM Implementation and Configuration
Rack mounting of SIEM devices and network configuration setup for SIEM components

Log Source Integration with SIEM
SIEM integration with identified and approved log sources such as Windows server, Unix server, network and security devices and other sources

Run Book / SOP Definition
Security incident management process. Standard operation procedure and defining daily, weekly and monthly status reports

Security Event Analysis, Investigation, Notification and Reporting
In-depth analysis of security events, notification about the events to relevant stakeholders and incident reporting to the user group; blacklisting and whitelisting of websites, user access management and malicious website threat analysis

Correlation Rule Development
Defining and developing correlation rules under different categories such as reconnaissance, denial of service, malicious code, and unauthorized access, customized around industry and regulations

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