With the help of Technofast, businesses have saved a lot of money while increasing more sales and conversion rate with the help of chatbots. With the advancements of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, Chatbots are becoming more and more intelligent, and the future of chatbots seems bright.

Unlike us humans, chatbots do not need to sleep. This is a great advantage for the small businesses who do not have massive staffing budgets. Instead of trying to juggle staff and man help desks and chat sessions with humans, a chatbot can rise to the challenge and provide 24/7 interaction with your customers. 

It doesn’t matter how many customers are trying to access your chatbot at any one time. Gone are the frustrating days of waiting in a queue for the next available operative.

Chatbots are live in any chat session. So if 2 customers ask different questions at the same time, the chatbot seamlessly responds correctly to each question it is asked.

Areas where Technofast can help with Chatbots

Wait for operator’s answer — “Stay on the line, your call is very important to us” is always annoying, isn’t it?​

Search for an answer in the FAQ — as a rule users don’t have time for scrolling dozens of pages with instructions.


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