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SolidWorks is a solid modeling computer-aided design and computer-aided engineering computer program that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. While it is possible to run SolidWorks on an Intel-based Mac with Windows installed, the application's developer recommends against this.

System Requirements : 

Processor : 3.3 GHz or higher

RAM : 16 GB or more

Graphics :  2GB or more GPU RAM; 4GB recommended, NVIDIA® graphics card: NVIDIA Quadro®/NVIDIA GeForce®/Tesla™ with at least NVIDIA Kepler™ chip; Dual-GPU setup with at least NVIDIA Maxwell™ cards for the best experience

  • Quadro RTX5000

  • Quadro T1000

  • Quadro RTX3000

  • Quadro T2000

  • Quadro RTX4000

  • Quadro RTX5000

  • Quadro P520

Drives : SSD drives recommended for optimal performance

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