End-Point Computing

Technfast provides workstation management and network support to its partners on-site and via remote assistance.

Powerful solutions for your Endpoint Computing

The right endpoint computing strategy can enable the creation of a digital workplace that supports an organization's transition to a digital business. In the course of progressive digitalization, the workplace is also changing. The percentage of home offices and mobile employees is increasing, which leads to higher demands on the various endpoints. Mobile endpoint devices such as notebooks, tablets, and smartphones have to be flexible in their use, while users must be able to access relevant data without any problems from any location. Another demand on mobile devices concerns their performance. They must be powerful enough so that users can efficiently use classic office environments or graphics-intensive applications. In their day-to-day interactions, users also benefit from energy-efficient and extra-quiet endpoint devices.

Desktop & Laptops
High-performance desktops and workstations for your special requirements

It is vital to equip the workplace with what is required so that your employees can work as productively as possible. To find the right desktop PC for each workstation, the first step is to analyse the respective requirements.we will find you the desktop that is perfect for what you want and needs. We are also conscious of the high expectations regarding comfort in work environments and can help you in selecting silent devices – perhaps a fanless design or non-spinning hard drives, for example.

Computing power with high-performance workstations

For large projects that demand a great deal of processing power, you need fast, high-performance workstations. To be able to carry out increasingly complex computing operations, such as those involved in construction programs, very large Excel calculations or CAD applications, desktops and workstations need to have adequate computing power.  Our services also include support with replacement of products, logistics and roll-out, connection to e-procurement, imaging, patching and asset management.

Business Tablets & Ultrabooks
Notebooks, Ultrabooks, and tablets for the mobile workplace

Whether users are working in the field, from home offices or from shifting locations – mobile working is increasingly gaining in importance. Access to company data must therefore be guaranteed from any location and from all mobile endpoint devices, whether they are notebooks, ultrabooks or tablets. To equip your company with the right devices, the first step is to analyse what your employees require from their mobile endpoints. Do they travel a great deal for business? Do they only occasionally take their mobile devices with them to their home office? Or are they power users who run complex computing processes and therefore need particularly high-performance devices? Depending on the individual requirement of each user, the mobile endpoint must provide specific functions and be constructed appropriately e.g. devices that are used in the outdoors or fitted in vehicles.