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RPA in Invoice Processing


The vast majority of invoices arrive as paper documents or PDF email attachments. Few are alike, So manual handling is tedious. Is it from an approved vendor? Does the PO match the ERP system? The AP staff also manually transfers data from the various invoice formats into the company’s standard format. This


  • Invoice capture is processed with OCR technology to 95%+ character level accuracy from a scanning device if the invoice is paper-based, or from an electronic file, such as a PDF or email.

  • All document actions are saved in archived log files, providing audit support and reporting for compliance purposes.

  • The accounts payable automation solution addresses the business logic that is behind complex P2P processes with highly configurable workflow rules.

  • Approval activity is streamlined in the AP solution by rules-based, auto-approved, workflow criteria that limits human involvement to specific approval situations.

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