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The Fast Computing

Whether you’re looking for a single computer or a fully-integrated compute cluster, we choose only the highest-performing components. Any system you select will provide exceptional performance.

Our technical teams design a custom hardware solution around your unique computing needs. Our integration team ensures that your hardware is thoroughly burned-in and is delivered ready to run applications out of the box. You concentrate on what’s most important: your research. 

Our Dedicated Servers provide you with the latest customizable hardware, powerful CPUs, unlimited traffic and the highest level of server availability, flexibility and efficiency. With more raw computing power than ever, choose up to 32 CPU cores and 2 TB of RAM plus many more features for your high-performance needs. 

Computer Screens


Our workstations have been used by researchers, manufacturers, and design professionals.

 A typical TFC Workstations configuration features ultra-quiet fans and high efficiency power supply, internal soundproofing, AMD EPYC or Intel Xeon processors, NVIDIA® Quadro® Professional graphics, and NVIDIA Quadro® GPUs for computation. 

Server Installation


Our servers are custom designed by our technical sales team, to end user specifications, and incorporate the expertise gained from over 3 decades of working with state of the art HPC hardware. After building a basic server from the highest quality hardware building blocks, our integrators perform rigorous stress testing on all components until they meet our exacting standard of quality. 

Powerful Computer


Our suppliers are the leaders in quality and performance, whether it be CPUs, memory, accelerators, storage, networking or software. Specific hardware and software components are selected and integrated to provide the best performance available for your tasks, as well as the quickest turn-around.

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