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RPA for Medical Claim Form


Forms UB-04 and CMS-1500 are used by institutional healthcare providers (hospitals etc) and individual doctors & private clinics. This client gets 1000s of UB and CMS forms everyday for processing the claims. This process is handled by over 500 strong team. which created human dependency and data leakage risk and increase the chance of human error results in bad quality of data pushed into their inhouse application and claim get pending.


  • Our Intelligent OCR system is flexible enough to capture data even when the format changes and produces outputs with higher accuracy than average capture solutions, so you can spend less time verifying to dramatically lower costs and increase productivity.

  • The Bot flags and prioritizes those errors by low confidence fields for easy verification or correction. Low confidence areas are highlighted for fast review.

  • The bot contains embedded business logic and standardize claims process so initial information capture is complete and error-free.

  • Once verification is completed, the data is automatically uploaded to the claims processing system and stored in a database.

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