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Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP) has empowered computers to manipulate human language to generate text, extract meaning, and make interactions easier through voice-enabled AI and conversational intelligence technologies. The tasks performed by NLP are categorized according to the priority of the task that needs to be accomplished by a machine including summarizing a long document, detecting spam email or translating between two human languages.

NLP has made great strides in making a difference in the way business enterprises function. NLP has been applied to various applications as it offers speech recognition by converting spoken language into text, answers questions through chatbots, sentiment analysis and the art of placing revenue selling ads on social media, e-commerce offering custom market intelligence solutions, a key performance driver for business organizations.

As processing capabilities improve, businesses are using artificial intelligence technologies like NLP to better understand customer intent through sentiment analysis, extract insight from unstructured data and alleviate customer frustration.


Technofast can help you with Natural Language Processing technology to analyze language based data faster than humans, without bias, without getting tired or needing to take a vacation. With loads of data being generated each day, the ability to fully analyze text, from every source, will be a differentiator.

Areas where Technofast can help with NLP

Spam Filters
Algorithmic Trading
Answering Questions
Summarizing Information

One of the biggest headaches of email is spam. To set up a first line of defense, services such as Gmail Technofast provides NLP to determine which emails are good and which are spam. These spam filters scan the text in all the emails you receive, and attempt to understand the meaning of that text to determine if it’s spam or not.


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