Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

We at Technofast Cyber Services are helping corporations identify and conceal potential loopholes in their system. Enterprises have adopted the latest security paradigms but they are still vulnerable to external threats. In case of vulnerability and penetration testing our team traverses through varied processes meticulously and safeguard them against potential threats. Our team attacks enterprises’ system externally to reveal all the routes that can be used by hackers for unauthorized access.

External attacks and internal scrutiny helps in routing out every potential path that can be used by hackers. Vulnerability and Penetration Testing helps businesses lower the cost of recovery and maintenance. Our team of industry experts will discover underlying threats and eliminate them without affecting the business functionalities.

Our Approach

Benefits of Vulnerability & Penetration Testing

Identify Security Threats

Vulnerability and Penetration Testing will stir open all the underlying threats and safeguard the system. Advanced threat identification can help businesses eliminate chances of unauthorized access and protect cyber assets at all cost.

Improves Brand Image

A corporation that aces all cybersecurity threats and emerges victorious will command a brand reputation like no other. With our vulnerability and penetration testing, your corporation can claim to be the safest business to work with. With a taintless brand image, there’s a lot a corporation can achieve.

Evade Penalties

Compliance failure or a data leak can coax organizations in penalty payments. With vulnerability and penetration testing, all unsecured routes and underlying threats will be eliminated helping businesses evade penalties. Corporations can use the saved resources to improve services or add new spectrum to their portfolio.

Circumvent Service Disturbances

Be it a security fault, a disruption in the application performance or any other, conducting these forms of testing assist in dodging service disturbances. An inability to identify any such errors may not only damage the organization’s reputation but also lead to a loss of their loyal customers, incur unanticipated fines and financial instability.

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