RPA Use Cases


Invoice Processing


The vast majority of invoices arrive as paper documents or PDF email attachments. Few are alike, So manual handling is tedious. Is it from an approved vendor? Does the PO match the ERP system? The AP staff also manually transfers data from the various invoice formats into the company’s standard format. This
repetitive task is slow and prone to errors. The manual process extends to resolving discrepancies.


  • Invoice capture is processed with OCR technology to 95%+ character level accuracy from a scanning device if the invoice is paper-based, or from an
    electronic file, such as a PDF or email.

  • All document actions are saved in archived log files, providing audit support and reporting for compliance purposes.

  • The accounts payable automation solution addresses the business logic that is behind complex P2P processes with highly configurable
    workflow rules.

  • Approval activity is streamlined in the AP solution by rules-based, auto-approved, workflow criteria that limits human involvement to specific approval




In order to process an insurance claim or provide a quote to a client, employees must manually enter information from the various data sources into the company database. This process is time-consuming and costly. insurers, are required to comply with a host of compliance standards, including, for example, tax laws, PCI standards, and HIPAA privacy rules.  Updates or improvements to these regulations are common, and this often means that business processes suffer or need to be re-established in order to reflect these changes.


  • UiPath RPA is able to reduce the amount of time that is spent on these repetitive processes and reduce, if not eliminate, human errors. This means that insurance claims can be processed in a much more efficient, accurate, expedient manner.

  • UiPath RPA can be implemented in addition to existing programs, without the need for insurance providers to replace their existing IT setup

  • UiPath RPA ensures the accuracy of data and its software robots maintain a running log of their actions. As a result, compliance with regulations can be monitored on an ongoing basis through internal reviews.


Medical Claim Form


Forms UB-04 and CMS-1500 are used by institutional healthcare providers (hospitals etc) and individual doctors & private clinics. This client gets 1000s of UB and CMS forms everyday for processing the claims. This process is handled by over 500 strong team. which created human dependency and data leakage risk and increase the chance of human error results in bad quality of data pushed into their inhouse application and claim get pending.


Technofast developed bots using UiPath to automate the whole process of claim processing for both UB and CMS.

  • Our Intelligent OCR system is flexible enough to capture data even when the format changes and produces outputs with higher accuracy than average capture solutions, so you can spend less time verifying to dramatically lower costs and increase productivity.

  • The Bot flags and prioritizes those errors by low confidence fields for easy verification or correction. Low confidence areas are highlighted for fast review.

  • The bot contains embedded business logic and standardize claims process so initial information capture is complete and error-free.

  • Once verification is completed, the data is automatically uploaded to the claims processing system and stored in a database.


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