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Content Intelligence

powered by Image Recognition & Conversion Platform


IRCP leverages OCR, machine learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text analytics technologies to identify and classify content, extract data,  from structured, semi-structured and unstructured content while continuously learning from human input.

Release Of Information

Medical records are confidential documents and are only released when permitted by law or with proper written authorization of the patient. Release of Information (ROI) Department is the first point of contact for inquiries about accessing the patient’s health record or the privacy and confidentiality of the patient’s health information.

Invoice Processing

Reduce your average cost of processing invoices by 95%. Convert your Invoice Processing in a fully automated - touchless - workflow.


Consistent automation that helps to save millions of dollars spent on businesses by improving customer service, customer satisfaction and overall productivity


Technofast-IRCP is a powerful yet affordable solution for Automated Document Indexing. Any document stored in digital format has several properties, such as creation date, payment status, etc.

Application Areas
Accounts Payable
Mortgage Lending
New Account Opening
Invoice Claims
Logistics Shipping

Automate invoice processing; capture all the details of an invoice – header, footer, and line item details – for accurate and timely payment of suppliers’ invoices.

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