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Automated Document Indexing

Automated Document Indexing

Technofast-IRCP is a powerful yet affordable solution for Automated Document Indexing. Any document stored in digital format has several properties, such as creation date, payment status, etc.


When you scan or import a document into the system, but have not indexed it, you can only search it to a limited extent. However, if you have indexed the document, you would save the relevant data, such as Date, Unique Identifier, etc., in the document. Each of these data fields is a potential search criterion that will help you find your document quickly using an advanced search.


Technofast-IRCP captures information from paper documents and converts it into digital formats for ease of storage, search, retrieval, and use.

Technofast has developed a fully scalable document recognition & management platform utilizing technology, analytics, and artificial intelligence to locate, acquire, digitize and manage complete medical data for Release of Information. Technofast ROI solution enables higher quality data, drive down the administrative burden and improve financial performance.

Our solution can be delivered in a variety of deployments which enables the facility to set up the process that works best for them. All the service delivery models offered to allow the facility to take advantage of our dynamic technology platform, workflows that ensure compliance, exceptional customer service and unique requester-relations support-all of which drive an unmatched client-retention rate.

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