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Managed Services

  • Global leader in software asset management (SAM), cloud and volume licensing and associated consulting services.

  • Trusted advisor's to many of the globe's leading organisations

  • Through our unique people, tools and systems we help optimize our client's technology estates within the new hybrid cloud world.

Focus Areas

Technofast Cloud Services

  • Add cloud services at a moments notice.

  • Multi technology expertise to solver complex challenges On prem and cloud

  • Proven methodology to deploy and deliver modular and cutomisable delivery processes

Infrastructure Services

  • Expertise in setting Multiple data centres across the country

  • Preferred poartner for development services & managed services

Database Services

  • Comprehensive DB Management services

  • Design, Build, Operate and help architect complex infrastructure solutions for database across different technologies.

Security Services

  • Complete IT security-Identifying the threat, Risk Mitigation.

  • Proactive security measures-Adherence to regulations and procedures

  • Deploy Certified resources - Ensure Complete Data Protection and data loss prevention.

We cover your needs


Multi-Technology Expertise


Scalable Expertise


Highly Available



Flexible to your needs

Why Managed Services

Best of both worlds:

  1. Faster Time to Market

  2. Predictable Service Delivery

  3. Link IT services to revenue generation

  4. Technology Transformation that is aligned to business objectives

Managed Service enhancing agility to respond to changing market dunamics Releasing organization bandwidth to focus on core functions.

Outcome based commercial structures focused on solving business problems

Catalyst for technology & platform transformation leveraging the R&D capability of managed service partner


Management of SLAs linked to business objectives

Knowing the Unknown

Monitoring Tools

Integrate with Cloud Monitor Tools for Monitoring. For ex: Azure Monitor, Operations Management Suite, AWS Cloudwatch, Google Stackdriver

Integrate with Onprem tools , SCOM , Solarwinds etc

Deploy EM7 from Science Logic , Custom dashboards and proactive alerts through service desk

Infrastructure Monitoring

OS, Database, App Monitoring ( CPU usage, memory, storage, iops Performance)

Diagnostics of Performance Counters: Event logs, IIS Logs, Crash dumps, error logs and infrastructure logs

Optimization with analytics

Log Analysis For Enterprise Security Vulnerabilities And Root Causes Of Downtime

For Servers, Switches , Routers, Firewalls, Load Balancers And Endpoint Devices Etc

Event Correlation To Provide Insights And Streamline Operations

Delivering Value to Customers with Insights into their Workloads on Cloud or Onprem

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