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Technofast Offers End to End

Intelligent Automation powered by UiPath


automation opportunities powered by AI and your people


automations quickly, from the simple to the advanced


and optimize automation at enterprise scale


automations through robots that work with your applications and data


people and robots as one team for seamless process collaboration


operations and performance to align with business outcomes

Partnering Leader in RPA Technology

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Technofast has chosen to partner with UiPath, the leader in RPA Technology with more than 3700 customers worldwide, to help our customers with Robotic Process Automation.




UiPath is the acknowledged leader in RPA Technology with more than 750,000 users across the world and 8 out of 10 Fortune 10 companies using UiPath. UiPath has been consistently ranked highest by various independent evaluations.


How does Technofast + UiPath help you

Save time and effort

Elevate your employees’ experience

UiPath streamlines processes. Uncovers efficiencies and provides insights, making the path to digital transformation fast and cost-effective. It leverages systems to minimize disruption.

By automating tasks, your teams are free to spend time on work with better returns. More than 200 ready-made components in our GO! Marketplace give your employees more time—in less time.

Ensure compliance

Improve customer experiences

UiPath robots improve compliance by following the exact process that meets your standards. Reporting tracks your robots, so documentation is always at your fingertips.

With robots handling tasks, teams are free to deliver extra service to your highest-level customers. By standardizing processes, your outcomes are more efficient and effective.


Discover your automation opportunities, powered by AI

Automation Hub

Here, automation experts can collaborate with anyone in your organization to manage the automation lifecycle with visibility and control — and a little bit of fun.

Capture your team’s ideas for processes to automate. Then manage the entire process from a single command center.

Task Mining

Utilize AI to automatically capture the day-to-day tasks performed by your employees, construct the scientific process maps and get automation suggestions with the highest ROI potential.

Leverage real employee process data to get the scientific automation suggestions.


Democratize the design of workflows, from the simple to the complex


Design your automations easily in UiPath Studio.

Borrow from our drag-and-drop library of over 300 pre-built automation components. And integrate automations with business software for simple automation, and advanced development features for the more experienced users.

AI-powered automation

Interact with sophisticated UI elements to complete tasks, read and process documents, communicate in natural language, and analyze and optimize processes.

With help from AI, your robots can automate more.


Deploy and manage your automations


Orchestrator is available on web, server, and as a mobile app, so you can control automation on the go.

Efficiently manage your digital workforce of globally deployed robots from a single central location.

AI Fabric

AI Fabric connects RPA and data science teams so you can instantly apply the limitless cognitive power of AI to your automation.

AI Fabric helps you operationalize and consume your machine learning models right from your RPA workflow

You can deploy and manage your AI skills, then drag and drop them right into your RPA workflow in UiPath Studio.


Robots work with your business applications to carry out automations


UiPath Robots run your automation.

Choose an attended bot that checks in with you at designated times, or an unattended bot that works in the background.

Either way, save your team time by delegating the operational to the industry’s most skilled and capable robots.

Technical integrations

Leverage our included pre-built activities, choose from a wide variety of partner activities or even build your own with our open platform.

Robots can automate a variety of tasks across almost any enterprise application.


The system of engagement for humans and robots working together


Simplify collaboration with robots via the Actions inbox where the user handles any accrued exceptions, escalations, validations, and approvals.

Unattended robots automatically create tasks when human intervention is required, and work on other automation tasks while human input is pending.

Once the authorized user has completed the task, the robots are notified and can resume the previous automation.


Embedded analytics to align RPA operations with strategic business outcomes


As a result, you can ensure your automated processes are aligned with organizational success metrics.

Powerful, embedded analytics that provide end-to-end visibility over your deployment, and enable you to measure, report and align automations with customizable KPIs.

Comprehensive benefits for any enterprise

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UiPath offers an extensible platform with hundreds of built-in, customizable, shareable activities. The platform works with the technologies you already use, thanks to deep integrations with other software applications. UiPath platform is open to learn, share, and collaborate, with a 400,000-user community.

Screenshot_2020-05-05 Enterprise RPA Pla


UiPath Robots are learning new AI skills to automate more. Use out-of-the-box AI skills, source specialized AI skills from the ecosystem, or integrate your own AI skills. Seamlessly use these AI skills in your automations with UiPath drag-and-drop AI. 

Screenshot_2020-05-05 Enterprise RPA Pla


Screenshot_2020-05-05 Enterprise RPA Pla


The UiPath ecosystem is optimized for fast development and designed to deliver rapid ROI. In fact, 88% of UiPath deployments finish in 6 months or fewer*.

Screenshot_2020-05-05 Enterprise RPA Pla


RPA at enterprise scale. Deploy and manage any variety and number of processes from front-office to back-office, regardless of complexity.

Trusted by 60+ government agencies and thousands of commercial companies, the UiPath platform includes the security and audit capabilities you need to simplify compliance with the regulations that matter to you.

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