Managed Backup

Ease of Accessibility

Having the backup of your data allows the customers to access their data anytime and from anywhere.

Automatic Backup

Customers need not worry about backing up their data. Files are backed up to the cloud automatically. Also, if manual backup is required, that can also be done.

Off-Site availability of data

In case of any On-premises disaster, your data is safe no matter what happens at your office.


Cloud backup makes management and restoration of data easy. Backed up files can be found by just few clicks.

Benefits of Cloud Backup Services


Your data always On, always Safe

Your business relies on data. Druva brings the simplicity and scale of the public cloud to enterprise backup and data management.



#1 Cross Platform Cloud Backup Solution

CloudMBS is a backup service that enables you to create and configure automatic backups. It's the ideal solution for securely managing and maintaining your backups in line with your disaster recovery policies.

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