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Release of Information

ROI- Release Of Information

Medical records are confidential documents and are only released when permitted by law or with proper written authorization of the patient. Release of Information (ROI) Department is the first point of contact for inquiries about accessing the patient’s health record or the privacy and confidentiality of the patient’s health information.

Medical records need to be released in a timely manner to the respective party unless such a release would endanger the patient's life or cause harm to another person. This includes medical records received from other physicians' offices or health care facilities.

Technofast offers a unique combination of Release of Information (ROI) technology and services that creates a true partnership with healthcare providers.

Technofast has developed a fully scalable document recognition & management platform utilizing technology, analytics, and artificial intelligence to locate, acquire, digitize and manage complete medical data for Release of Information. Technofast ROI solution enables higher quality data, drive down the administrative burden and improve financial performance.

OUR solution can be delivered in a variety of deployments which enables the facility to set up the process that works best for them. All the service delivery models offered to allow the facility to take advantage of our dynamic technology platform, workflows that ensure compliance, exceptional customer service and unique requester-relations support-all of which drive an unmatched client-retention rate.

Our flexible and scalable service models

Shared Services

Technofast provides ROI solutions that enable healthcare organizations to manage the onsite ROI process with their own staff, but partner with us to provide billing, collections, record distribution, Quality Assurance andRequester Services functions.


Regardless of the selected service model, Technofast offers rapid and seamless Release of Information (ROI) implementations with minimal IT resource requirements and zero disruption to mission-critical Health Information Management (HIM) operations.

ROI Workflow Processes

Traditional Release of Information (ROI) processes vary greatly in comparison to the more compliant and efficient workflows made possible through Technofast’s ROI platform. Technofast’s workflow differentiates itself with its thorough, efficient and effective processes, technology and people

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