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Secure Coding Practice

This Awareness and Training program is designed to help corporations build a culture of secure coding practice. We help employees keep their data safe and software packages stable by introducing them to standard secure coding practices. With an understanding of data encryption and certifications employees will become more efficient and empowered.

Since every corporation is prone to data theft and data hack, training employees’ in secure code practice will render malware and phishing attacks obsolete. By educating employees, we are helping corporations use available tools as effective measures against cyber crimes.

Benefits of Secure Coding Practice Training


Hands-On Experience

The training is designed to help all employees get acquired with secure coding practice. Employees get to sit with industry experts and learn the nuanced skill of using secure practices. Hand on experience with encryption and certification will prepare employees for handling threats effectively.


Updated Training Material

A Training session that hands out employees with the latest norms of secure coding practice is the need of the hour. With handouts carrying latest information about encryption and certifications, employees will be able to work in compliance with varied standards.


Stay Updated With Market Trends

With the industry experts sharing updates from the contemporary industry, employees will be able to stay updated. With all the requisite information, employees can make decisions as they come and handle vulnerabilities better.


Multiple Training Levels

We understand that training varies according to hierarchy hence we have prepared unique training materials based on hierarchy. The varied modules will help fresher and industry veterans differently.

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